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International Relations & Diplomacy Research Committee

The IR and Diplomacy Research Committee seeks to connect scholars working on questions of theory and practise within the diverse disciplines such as IR theory, international political economy, regional studies, security studies, development studies, foreign policy analysis, diplomacy, and comparative governance.

The Caucus aims to provide a resource for joint research projects, specifically encouraging the presentation of papers and panels at SAAPS conferences and colloquia focused on these areas. It also aims to serve as a platform for discussion and networking among the related scholarly communities investigating questions pertaining to international relations and diplomacy.

The Caucus welcomes members from all regions, and seeks international collaboration in research and publications. Partnerships with associations in other global regions create an opportunity for networking beyond the South African academic community on matters of international relations and diplomacy.

Convened at the SAAPS National Conference in 2014 with a lively discussion of possible avenues for involvement, the IR and Diplomacy Caucus is still in the formative stages.  The Interim Chairperson of this Caucus is Dr Yolanda Spies (University of Johannesburg), and the Vice-Chairperson is Dr Martha Bridgman (South Africa Institute of International Affairs).

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