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SAAPS Research Committees

Research Committee Convenor Affiliation Contact Details
Gender Professor Amanda Gouws Stellenbosch University
South African Politics Professor Dirk Kotzé UNISA
Political Theory Professor Laurence Hamilton University of the Witwatersrand
Teaching & Learning Professor Siphamandla Zondi University of Pretoria
  and Dr Ayesha Omar University of Johannesburg
Middle East Politics Research Group Dr Lubna Nadvi University of KwaZulu-Natal
African Politics (International Relations and Political Economy) Prof Chris Isike  UNIZUL
Quality of Democracy Dr Fiona Anciano University of the Western Cape
International Relations Dr Martha Bridgman SAIIA
  and Dr Yolanda Kemp-Spies University of Johannesburg

IPSA research committee (RC) objectives

  • Develop research in political science, especially work based on international co-operation;
  • Organize and maintain personal contacts among political scientists with common interests;
  • Disseminate information and publish scholarly research;
  • Provide a framework between individuals and organizations concerned with teaching and research in political and other social sciences.

SAAPS Research Committee Convenor core activities and responsibilities

  • Recruiting members from SAAPS and from outside too (so long as they also join SAAPS);
  • Organising meetings at the regional colloquia and national conference;
  • Ensuring panels at the regional colloquia and national conference;
  • Sharing news of key events, publications and developments relevant to the caucus;
  • Organising caucus colloquia or SAAPS between SAAPS conferences;
  • Organising publications (special editions for journals, edited books etc.);
  • Participating in similar international bodies, associations and conferences as caucus leadership.