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Call for papers: Is it the end of the world as we know it? The study of Politics in uncertain times

SAAPS Regional Colloquium at the University of the Free State (QwaQwa Campus) - 28 and 29 September 2017

Wherever we look in today’s political world, change or intimations thereof seems to be the order of the day. This, as any student of politics would attest, brings with it a great deal of excitement and difficulties. One of those persistent difficulties in studying politics (broadly defined) is the stark reality that the researcher is not only confronted by a multiplicity of actors, causes and issues, but also by the (seemingly rapid) pace at which the political landscape is changing. This appears to be even truer in today’s political world, whether we turn our attention towards local, regional or international politics. In some of the leading journals of, for instance, International Relations (IR) arguments are proffered about the end of the liberal order, the decay of the state, and the rise of populism. Other journals and scholars are more forthright, arguing that we are heading towards (global) catastrophe. Although such fears are hardly new, they are today made with much more vigour. Yet, while all this may cause both scholars and practitioners of politics to fret, we also know that politics (whether local, regional or international) is also marked by debilitating continuities – and, thus, the old cycle of continuity and change in politics appears to be alive and well.

Prospective participants are invited to submit abstracts one, but are not limited to, the following sub-fields:

  • Local and Regional Political Dynamics (including electoral politics, public policy, Fallist Movements and social justice)
  • International Organisations and International Law
  • Theoretical politics (including theorizing political change, politicizing theory and ideology)
  • Security issues (including local and international terror, resource conflict, war & peace, peacekeeping)

Abstracts should be no longer than 800 words. A brief CV should accompany the abstract, indicating institutional affiliation and contact details. Please send as a single attachment in MS Word format to Eben Coetzee at with a copy (CC) to Alta Vermeulen at no later than 20 June 2017.