Who is SAAPS?

The South African Association of Political Studies (SAAPS) came into life in May 2001, as the result of the merger of the South African Political Studies Association (SAPSA) and the South African Chapter of the African Association of Political Science (AAPS-SA). The Association is the official body of the disciplines of Political Science and International Relations in South Africa.

The primary international affiliations of SAAPS are the International Political Science Association (IPSA), the African Association of Political Science (AAPS), and the World International Studies Committee (WISC).

Our Vision Statement

SAAPS is dedicated to the promotion of the discipline of Political Studies in South Africa and the African continent.

To achieve this the association aims to:

  • Support the development of South African scholars and teachers in a demographically balanced manner;
  • Develop and implement a sustainable research agenda;
  • Establish regional and global linkages with similar associations;

In order to effect these objectives, SAAPS shall strive to:

  • Maintain the academic excellence of its journal, Politikon;
  • Undertake regular marketing and membership drives, with a special emphasis on the recruitment of emerging and student scholars;
  • Enable members to participate in conferences and other activities by rotating these events between different academic institutions; and
  • Recognise outstanding contributions to the discipline and the association by way of special awards.

Aims and Activities

The main aims and activities of SAAPS are to:

  • Perform an educational function by promoting knowledge and understanding of national and international political affairs through teaching, workshops, discussion and study groups, seminars, conferences, publications and research;
  • Encourage contact and stimulate relationships among individuals and Institutions concerned with the systematic study of national and international political affairs;
  • Perform empowerment functions through a special emphasis on the encouragement and facilitation of emerging and student scholarship.

Governance & Members

Governance & Members

An elected Council and an Executive Committee govern the affairs of SAAPS. The latter consists of the president, vice-president and secretary, and treasurer.

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